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We are in the middle of a site remodel.  Some of our parameters and focus have changed and we are creating a new and exciting web site to reflect our new direction.  Please check in again soon and re connect with us and let us know what you think about our new path.

Want just a hint?   Here's our new mission statement.


IHS Now, Charitable Foundation is a stable platform for the acquisition and distribution of funds and goods to non-profits; operating across ethnic & cultural boundaries on an international playing field.

Welcome to IHS Now

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

In the Tanakh (Old Testament) one finds this admonition, and for many the importance is no greater than the challenge! Just what is the implication? Why Jerusalem? Is my prayer that important?

IHS Now, Global Connections and its counterparts, were created to bring people to a heightened awareness about the land of Israel. One of our functions is to cultivate the cross-cultural connections of spiritual, geo-political, educational and military issues through exchanges among individuals, organizations and corporations, to wit:

  • Messiah Consciousness - partnering with God in the Divine Matrix.  Effecting geo-political, educational, spiritual, and military constructs through focused, meditative prayer.

  • Establishing business ventures in Israel and building relationships with both Jews and Arabs.

  • Educating the “churched” as well as those who may never enter through the doors of a religious institution.

  • Reoccurring fact finding and relationship building trips to Israel.

  • Walking the “Land” with individuals and/or small groups.

  • Producing multi-faceted television programming for local viewing.

Part of the function of this site is to lead the initiated and uninitiated to further discovery of Israel—whether within the back alleys of Old Jerusalem or merely sitting in the comfort of your own living room. We desire to move as peace and love by the Spirit of Ha Shem—Creator and Sustainer of the universe!

Come, join us on a pilgrimage……………..



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